TEDxPortobello is back with our theme for 2016 – Find Us Here.

We’re fortunate enough to once again be hosted by our good friends at Tribe Porty on Sun 15th May.

Tickets will go on sale at 5pm sharp on Wed 13th April – we sold out in a flash last year, so if you just have to be there, then head over to our event page and get your feet in the starting blocks.

Our group of outstanding speakers for this year will be offering their own interpretation of Find Us Here – but just to whet your appetite, below are a few words from some of our team members on what it means to them.

We’ve lots more to share over the next few weeks, so check back soon!

“For me, it’s something around finding and helping. Is there something you need? Something you want to try out? I know a place. Find Us Here.”

“Being found by others is hugely powerful. We all thrive on finding our talents, our tribes, and connecting to something bigger than yourself. Finding others through understanding and really seeing will deepen our compassion for the unfamiliar.”

“It’s about marking our place and inviting others to join us.”

“For me it is something about people who are not largely visible and ideas that are not really heard. People on the periphery of things finding each other with a call, ‘Find Us Here!’.”

“It is the soft signals we leave so we can remember our paths and others can find us.”

“For me, it’s about discovering new places and people that mean ‘home’.”

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