Max takes us through his story of growing up in India and Dundee, Scotland and how immigration is important for any country.
Max is an artist, author, storyteller and poet.
His father was a Dundonian jute worker employed in the Indian mills, and Max’s early childhood was spent being repeatedly shuttled between Scotland and the Far East.

Finding it difficult to fit in with his peers in this ever-changing landscape he quickly took refuge in books and painting, and began his illustrious career in the arts when he sold his first painting at the tender age of seventeen.
Today Max is equally well known for his dark illustrations and lively performance poetry; and he was a big hit at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival with his eccentric and amusing four-star one-man story-telling show, Moving Images, based on forty years of weird cinema.

He is also the author of The Last Burrah Sahibs, Scotland for Beginners and Chucking it All, the latter being a UK Kindle number-one-bestseller and one of Worldhum’s best travel books of 2009.