Injecting his enthusiasm and sharing his passion for creating spaces and events to help dads shine as parents so children get the most out of life, Thomas Lynch tells us his own story behind starting two organisations dedicated to helping dads in this, the Year of the Dad.

Thomas is Edinburgh born, a qualified counsellor and HR manager, with over 20 years of experience of volunteering for the likes of Samaritans and The Red Cross.

He became passionate about fathers seven years ago when he and his wife had a son. Thomas looked for a dads organisation, and when he couldn’t see any, he and a friend decided to start Dads Rock.

Thomas tried to play the violin at school, and is now learning the guitar – he can just about play twinkle twinkle. He loves having adventures with his son, as well as reading new and well-loved stories together. In his spare time he blogs about the roller-coaster of being a dad.