And for the second year, TEDxPortobello has come to a close.  With 9 outstanding speakers, 70 people in the audience, 17 sponsors on board, 300 people all over the world watching the live stream, and streaming parties dotted all over Edinburgh – it was a special day.

Over the course of the afternoon, we held a space to explore our theme Find Us Here – an invitation to connect to place, neighbours and communities. Our theme was about the here and now, finding ourselves and the journey that brings us together.

And it was a series of journeys which lead us to Tribe Porty this past Sunday.

For the team, this started seven months ago when we first met to began shaping and planning TEDxPortobello 2016. From Tuesday night meetings, countless Basecamp messages, spreadsheets, & emails to a boat load of energy and care for shared vision – our journey together has been extremely rewarding, challenging, and transformative.

Our speakers have been on quite a path to the TEDxPorty stage. Our lineup was hand selected from 47 nominations and since the first invitation to speak – they have been on a journey to craft their life’s work to a simple clear message to be shared in 15 minutes.

We invited partners and sponsors from our local community to join us on our journey.  17 businesses and organisations stepped up to the challenge and offered their skills, expertise, cases of beers, and financial support. Their contributions fueled the experience.

TEDxPortobello held the space for these paths to collide and create something meaningful together. Something that hasn’t been created before.

Steve from the team reminded me of a Seth Godin quote that really resonates with this – the act of creating and then the faith of letting go.

At the end of giving a speech, or teaching a class, or writing a book, I feel a pang of sadness. For a few minutes or hours or months. I’ve created a new reality, drawn a castle in the clouds, one that I hope has resonated. And then it’s gone, the act of creating is over, all the remains is the change i’ve been able to make in other people. All so I can do it again. So ‘we’ can do it again. Go. Make your ruckus. With love.

A huge thank you to the entire team who has worked so hard to make TEDx special.  It was amazing to see everyone bringing their talents (and some of their hidden ones) on the day and chipping in where they could. There have been a lot of late nights – but they have been full of great fun and lots of laughs.  From my own mother hacking our Twitter account to the epic Facebook banter – it’s been such a pleasure. Thank you to the speakers for being brave and bold and saying ‘yes’ despite not knowing what the road ahead would look like. Thank you to our sponsors & partners for believing in what we were doing and joining us in whatever way you could. A huge thank you to our audience for joining us on the day and being part of something special – we can’t wait for you to be involved next year.

Even though our act of creating is over, we can be confident in the change we’ve been able to make in each other and other people.

Let’s do it all again. Until next year.

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