I moved to Edinburgh in 2014. I left my friends, my family, my job as an Assistant to the Director, my lovely wee Skoda Fabia and tiny flat behind to restart a new life / restart my machine. I have always been a girl who had everything under control and said more than she
should’ve (no wonder I speak three languages and a dialect)! I was organising a football tournament for several years and was acting for 5 years in a lovely local theatre in Switzerland. Next to my current work as a CS Assistant and Translator I go walking around Edinburgh, love travelling, reading, writing, taking pictures and meeting up with my friends. I am very excited to be part of this year’s TEDxPortobello team.

I first heard of TEDxPortobello in 2016 but sadly missed the ticket sale. Instead of giving up I decided to volunteer so I contacted the team in 2017 without any hesitation. Being part of this year’s TEDxPortobello team is an exciting challenge for me and brings back memories of organising all different kind of events in the past. I can’t wait to share my knowledge and skills with the team.

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