We’ve been talking in the TEDxPortobello committee about what this year’s theme Find Us Here means to each of us. For me it is something about people who are not largely visible and ideas that are not really heard. People on the periphery of things discovering each other with a call of ‘Find Us Here!’

Growing up I was a punk, a riot grrrl (OK I still am) and I have been heavily influenced by the DIY ethic of those scenes. Being creative, independent and subversive means you can feel isolated or alone, especially as you get older and usually have to go to work in organisations that are traditional and you are surrounded by people who expect you to live by established narratives.

Find Us Here is bringing together speakers and volunteers who have non-traditional approaches to life and the way they think. The theme has brought people out of very different places to come together as innovators, creators and people DIYing good things for the future.

I’m proud to be a volunteer with TEDxPortobello and to help bring insights, stories and friendships to people in Edinburgh who might also feel like they are outside the pale. Find Us Here!

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