Unable to find a community for dads and kids to learn together and share, Thomas started Dads Rock. He believes that for big ideas to become a reality you have to learn to trust. This is how you find him here.

Here are 5 things we learned from Thomas today:

  • His pivotal moment came as his own dad started to die and “disappear”, while at the same his young son started to find himself. Talking to another dad friend in the pub, they realised that there were no playgroups which really included men- this moved him to leave his job and start Dads Rock.
  • Founded 4 years ago, it now offers antenatal classes for dads, counselling, prison work, 2 playgroups in Edinburgh and 2 more starting soon. They have now also started the Dads Rock Academy, offering musical tuition as a shared experience between kids and dads.
  • Every year there are 400 new young dads in Edinburgh. Last year, Dads Rock started a project for them in order to address the lack of support available.
  • While the whole experience has been great fun, there is also a serious side. 2016 is the Year of the Dad in Scotland; at the same time the percentage of male prison inmates and suicide rates among men are incredibly high. We need to do something about that.
  • “We have to make ourselves uncomfortable first. Then we have to make the people around us uncomfortable” – Mark Ruffalo. Thomas takes inspiration from this quote. As a father, he took a leap and created these 2 amazing communities without really planning to. Where he is today, he has learned to trust himself, through this process and journey. His hope is that we will learn this for ourselves too.

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