As Mike reflected on the politics of the last years and the process Scotland has been through as a nation, his blog, Bella Caledonia went from a hobby to becoming his full time job, with over a million visitors.

Here are 5 things we learned from Mike today.

  • In 2014, Scotland decided we would be a country that didn’t want to govern itself, he said. This means we are left with some areas we are left in charge of, while the UK government is in charge of others; we are in a liminal land.
  • Liminal comes from the Latin Limin, meaning threshold, a space that exists during a transformative ritual – you are neither what you were recently nor what you are to become. This is where we are as a nation.
  • Ritual is about making space for hope and distancing yourself from cynicism, while aspiring to better and believing change can happen. We are going through this as we become active Scottish citizens.
  • As this cultural renewal is taking place, we see that as we too are rediscovering poetry, art, music and language. There is a connection between cultural renewal and political change.
  • As we gather belonging and identity and aspire to better, we can reclaim this idea, Mike concluded.

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