Lauren Fox is a sculptor and art therapist, and a trained welder . Today, she brought TEDx Portobello to a close with her mesmerising, emotional talk, Where sea monsters roam.

Here are 5 things we learned from Lauren today.

  • Lauren trained as a welder in a steel yard in Leith – the first woman to have worked there since 1972!
  • We think sea monsters are inherently dangerous, says Lauren, but we don’t know that’s true. They can connect us to another world that’s fascinating.
  • As an art therapist, Lauren encourages people to explore the deeper levels of themselves – their internal, unseen monsters. Through art therapy, she helps people address and overcome buried trauma.
  • Lauren showed us some images that are replicas of work she has pursued with clients. The images showed a soft, gentle chaos – for one of her clients, Alex, it helped encourage a sense of freedom in their therapy sessions. The experience left Alex able to pursue a more meaningful life, one in which her buried monsters wouldn’t ambush her.
  • Avoiding looking at our monsters is futile, because they will emerge anyway, Lauren concluded. “We move forward when we bring our sea creatures to the surface, even if they do seem monstrous,” she said, in a powerful end to the afternoon.

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