Kenneth leads work on public service reform for the Scottish Government. As a civil servant, he is particularly interested in how government can work with communities to create change and in 2015 led the introduction of ULab in Scotland, leading change rooted in a sense of the emerging future.

Here are 5 things we learned from Kenneth today:

  • Change can start here, wherever “here” is for you.
  • The Scottish Government is exploring new ways to engage communities in creating change on things that matter to them. Last year at a public event in Edinburgh, 200 people from different sectors and backgrounds came together and discussed their ideas for change, using as their starting point what these communities cared about and how this felt for them.
  • The premise of ULab is that change starts here. It is a learning platform for transformation and change developed by MIT and open to anyone to participate. The core purpose is to explore inside ourselves, what we care about and our sense of an emerging future, and then put those ideas into action. This is an approach which empowers people and communities.
  • Kenneth has learned that before change can happen it has to start here, inside us. The reason ULab is so powerful is because it empowers you to look inside yourself and what you care about, connect to your curiosities and act with purpose.
  • This isn’t an easy path to follow. We need to be prepared to be more vulnerable and more fully seen. As we connect inner change work with our outer work we will feel the energy in how we respond to challenges and opportunities. Kenneth asked: could that brave choice be worth it? Before change starts, it has to start “here”.

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