Chris came across his first Tool Library in Toronto when he lived there. Having seen how such a simple idea could create mobility and opportunity for people, he decided to start the first one of its kind in Edinburgh and the UK.

Here are 5 things we learned from Chris today:

  • Making is an act of faith; it is a wonderful and spectacular thing to learn from. Chris’ message is: if it’s broke, go fix it. If it needs to be made, go make it.
  • Children see opportunities for creativity everywhere. But making is messy, time consuming and risky. As children we make, experiment and learn. Unfortunately, as we get older creativity declines. One theory is that we become too afraid of the differences between right and wrong so we are less creative and less spontaneous.
  • When we were children we learned about tools. They became extensions of ourselves and helped us do things that we were incapable of doing otherwise. Tool libraries resurrected this for Chris. Since March 2015 he has seen the power of making and the satisfaction that comes from fixing.
  • “If it’s broke, go fix it” – IT refers to anything that might be- a thing, a community. Samuel Beckett famously said “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” Opening avenues for self improvement, Chris is creating opportunities at the Tool Library to get something from everything, no matter the outcome.
  • Studies suggest that benefits from creativity include a reduction in stress and anxiety, and Chris has seen people connect in a whole new level. Making removes the barriers to the impossible. The maker movement is getting people to come together to learn from each other and about themselves. If you ever find yourself at the Edinburgh Tool Library, perhaps you will find yourself too.

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