When thinking about writing a blog post about this year’s TEDxPortobello theme, Find Us Here, I struggled to create a body of prose that explained how the theme inspired me. I offer you instead this poem.

Find Us Here

Is this where you’ve always stood
Or is it where you began
Can you remember a tectonic impulse
Or was it more like a stone gathering moss
Was it a resonance in your bones
Or more an aching of the heart
Is it merely an aspect
Or is it your totality
Was it here you found the answers
Or were there more unanswered questions
Will you linger only a wee while
Or plant a harvest for seasons to come
Do you listen for the calling on the wind
Or keep your ear close to the ground
Are your eyes set low to the near place
Or do they look long to where hope rises
Are you at the beginning,
Or is this your end?

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